Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Though I am going through a difficult time in my personal life, I want to take a moment to express gratitude for all that I have. I am a very lucky person. I have a wonderful mother who loves me unconditionally and would give me anything if she could. I have a father with whom I am coming closer to every day and I am so happy about that. I have three beautiful children whom I adore more than I could ever express. I have a husband who wants what is best for us even though we are separated. I have so many incredible friends who have really stepped up this last week and generously offered me words of encouragement and support... to the point of bringing me to tears. I have many loyal clients, whose photos they give me to turn into little pieces of art and feed my soul. I am grateful for every single person that I know. Thank you for being part of my life.

My mom and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year and she set a beautiful table. I had to share a few photos. I hope each of you feel equally blessed this holiday season.


  1. Holly, I am also thankful for being in your life and having you and your family in mine. I eagerly await each of your Thursday posts and enjoy iChatting with you and the kids. I Love You very much.

  2. I'm so thankful for you in my life! Your mom did set a beautiful table.

  3. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful year to follow. I'm thankful for you and all the beauty your work brings to the world, for sure.


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